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About The Society of Holistic Pet Stylists
This association is less about method, and more about mindset. 
There are no requirements that members be practicing the same grooming and handling techniques. As care givers, we all know those practices are as individual as the groomers who engage in them. It is our belief that if you are working towards providing better care methods and comprehensive services rooted in wholism and supportive care, that your techniques of gentle and educated handling will naturally follow suit. 
The Society of Holistic Pet Stylists was created to stand as a beacon of encouragement and support for pet groomers & stylists who work to be an integral part of creating health and happiness for their clients. 
This association strives to be a source of professionalism and a one of a kind educational and networking outlet within the grooming industry. Our fundamental purpose is to help holistic groomers find additional facets of support and learning, and to help bring holistic and encompassing grooming into the forefront of our industry.  
Our members' career passion, integrity, and solid ethics are the very foundation on which the group was formed, and the Society works with the best interests of its members as a driving force.  
Each of our founding officers share their dedication and through our members, this ripples out to create a higher standard of care, and a better pubic opinion of the abilities and purpose of pet groomers & stylists everywhere.